Reykjavík is the largest landing harbor

Proportionally, the most valuable catch in recent years have been landed in Reykjavik, according to figures from the Directorate of Fisheries. Last year the catch landed in Reykjavík was worth ISK 23 billion or 16,7% of the total value of marine catch in 2010. In 2007 Reykjavik constituted 14,1% of the total value. These figures show that Reykjavik has been increasing its share in the total catch in recent years.

Second most valuable catch in 2010 was landed in Vestmannaeyjar, or nearly ISK 13.7 billion which is 9.9% of the total value of catch last year. Then came Neskaupsstaður with ISK 11.6 billion or 8,4% of the total value.

Looking to the region the most valuable catch was landed in ports of the capital, which amounted to almost ISK 28 billion which is about 20,2% of the total value in 2010. Next are ports on the east coast with nearly ISK 25 billion in value.